Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Six of Crows // Gangs, Heists and Kaz.

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, LLC
Year published: 2015 

This is my first time reading Leigh Bardugo's work, having never even heard of the Grisha trilogy until shortly before this book was released. (runs and hides) Right off the bat, I wasn't that intrigued because of how hyped up it became in the bookish community and in fandoms in general.

Let's leave it at that.

1. Grubby setting, check.
I have a weird obsession with dark alleys and secret gangs and heists. Not to mention theives, the underground trade and the slums. This book, has all of it. ALL MY CRAVINGS WERE MET IN THIS SINGLE NOVEL. A good portion of the novel is set in the 'Barrel' which is basically the slums of Ketterdam where the gangs, gamblers, and gangsters reside. It's dank and dirty with awful people harboring awful intentions and oh my god it was so. good.

I loved the Barrel so much that I was practically dragged kicking and screaming to other locations as the plot developed.

2. The badass characters
The setting was one thing but the characters were the real treat. I loved all the characters in this book, which almost never happens. Particularly Kaz and Inej. I mean, come on guys, a broken boy turned bad in the cold hands of the slums and the spy with a tortured past? Please. I eat that stuff right up. I love the consistency in these characters' personalities too. One of my biggest bookish peeves is when a character abandons all sense of self when they fall in love. *cough Mortal Instruments cough* So despite my heartbreak at the outcome of the romantic elements in the story, I licked my wounds and ploughed on, simply because it was more realistic.

3. The schemes and plans (who thinks of this stuff?)
Leigh Bardugo thought this one through. No really. From the dealings in the Barrel to the complex plan of the heist in the Ice Court, all are explained in detail with most questions answered. No plot holes, guys. This is a solid promise. I found no reason to distrust the writing and found that it made perfect sense. ALSO THE PLANS AND SCHEMES ARE SO COOL so if you one reason to read this book, read it because of Kaz the scheming in the story.

4. Kaz

5. Kaz

6. Kaz

7. Character backstory. Yes please.
I loveee a good backstory. Tortured pasts and broken hearts are basically all I live on. (with a side of tea and two sugars) I'm an awful person, we've established that already. But really, this book does this so well! All the characters have completely different and unique backstories, and we read about all of them in this book, which was incredibly satisfying. It's basically backstory heaven going on in there. Plenty of tortured pasts and broken hearts to go around my friends. I loved it. Added bonus, everything is so unique! Nothing overlaps, nothing gets old. Freshness everywhere guys! FRESH STUFF EVERYWHERE.


So have you read Six of Crows? Do you plan to? Also, do you guys have any recommendations of books that have a similar setting to Six of Crows? LET ME KNOW! 


  1. AHHH I AGREE. I'm glad Kaz was so many of your points because yes. I just wish he'd had more POV!! He was by far my favourite and yet I feel like Nina and Matthias kept stealing all the pages when I just wanted Kaaaaaz. *breaks down sobbing* I also loved how dark and grubby it was. And gawsh, the plot and the cleverness?! Omg. The author is a bit of a genius yes?!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Ahh thank you so much for stopping by, Cait! HAHAHA YES Kaz is practically 75% my review (and rightfully so) True, while I did want more of Kaz, I didn't mind Nina and Matthias either, I fell in love with practically all the characters in this book so no complaints there. I can see why you thought that their backstory took away from Kaz's POV though. I have newfound respect for Leigh Bardugo! No worries, I absolutely love your blog (and your writing is wonderfully witty) xx


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