Friday, 25 December 2015

All I Know Now // All I Know about All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

For anyone who's a little curious, All I Know Now is a self-help book written by Carrie Hope Fletcher, a wonderful singer, actress, youtuber, and overall ray of sunshine.

1. There’s something in it for everyone and their grandmother
I feel like this book would attract absolutely anyone on the planet and beyond, but would do so in a million different ways. There’s something in it for everyone. Some chapter in this gorgeous 322 paged hardback will resonate with SOMEONE in the galaxy. Some chapter with make you go ‘YES OMFG!!’ and confetti will go off in your head and you’ll feel like you found the meaning of life. Because it’s just that kind of book.

2. You learn a little, or a little more.
There’s that one chapter in this book that’ll resonate with anyone, but if the rest of the chapters don’t, you still learn plenty. I’ve never given much thought about bullying, even if it’s a major issue in others' lives, because I’ve been lucky enough in my 10 years of schooling to never experience such a thing. But I learned. I learned how much pain it can cause, and how to deal with the bastard that’s got nothing better to do then to try and ruin your life  pain. Also, consent. I’m a teenager who’s never been in a relationship, and I know how important consent is in a relationship and in sex, but never thought of how it works. You learn guys. This book taught me.

3. Carrie is a fairy in a bright, puffy dress with a basket of wonderful anecdotes.
I almost feel like Carrie wrote the entire book in a puffy brightly coloured fairy dress with a gargantuan basket full of perfect anecdotes that explain every aspect of her book then danced across the pages, showering them over the sentences. Carrie discusses a lot of heavy stuff in this book, and when giving advice tries to find the best words to get her point across. Whenever a point became fuzzy, an anecdote would come along and unfuzz the entire situation. (yes, that’s a word) And they make so. much. sense.

"Judging someone based on one layer is like picking up a book, reading the seventeenth word on page 158 and deciding you don't like it based on that word alone."

4. It makes you turn over multiple leaves
Carrie doesn’t just write for the victims, she writes for the victimisers, especially the ones who aren't aware of it. I FELT THIS WAS UBER IMPORTANT because aren’t all of us a little shitty around the edges? I can’t count the number of times I went: Mm, I’m guilty of that.' Carrie hands you a giant stick and makes you turn over all the grubby leaves and scrub them clean, even the leaves you didn’t know were filthy before. DEEEEEEEP.

5. It makes you wanna yell HELL YEAHHHH! loud enough so the entire world and it's neighbour can hear you.

THIS BOOK IS SO MOTIVATING GUYS. It makes you think hell yeah? Why not? Especially the chapter ‘In it to win it’ when she talks about buying the lottery ticket and taking a chance instead of sitting on your bum all day, scrolling through tumblr and waiting for great things to happen. IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE on paper and honestly made me reevaluate my entire life a little. Just a little.

6. If 1-5 didn’t impress you wow go away  there’s the stories to think about.
Besides being in complete awe of the entire book, I basically just really want to hang a ‘for sale’ sign in front of my school in my senior year. (yes that was one of the stories, apart from one about being chased by a bear and one with an inflatable penis)
That will be all.

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