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Chronicles at Hogwarts // Chapter V

The school term has started and I've been doing my level best not to spontaneously combust very very busy :(
But, as I have been entrusted to do *pins badge onto myself* here is the fifth chapter of The Chronicles at Hogwarts!
Eep this is so exciting. Everyone is so talented and I hope this lives up to the amazing work they've done so far. *crosses fingers*

Story Mash-Up is a collaborative story writing project in which Eve, Joan, Michelle, Trisha, Vineeth,  Kaycee K, and I join forces to write a story set in Hogwarts, 10 years after Deathly Hallows. 

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is a trademark and a property of JK Rowling. The words and the non-canon characters were created and therefore owned by the bloggers involved in this project. 


Chronicles at Hogwarts // Chapter 5: Percy Lestrange

Persephone Rae Lestrange wolfed down her fifth piece of butterscotch cake of the day as she struggled to keep up with Aislin Benett’s long stride as the two marched down the hallway towards the headmistress’s office.

“Honestly, Percy! How much cake have you had today? It’s a wonder all your teeth are still in tact.” exclaimed Aislin as Percy brushed the crumbs off her hands on her Ravenclaw robe.

Percy smiled sheepishly around a mouthful of cake. “I'm hungry.”

Aislin rolled her eyes. The kid eats so much sugar and still weighed next to nothing.
“Where on earth are the others? They should be here by now. Professor Mcgonagall is going to need lots of convincing about Indira Marshall’s situation. We should all go together if we want her to believe us.”

“GOOD MORNING!” yelled Min Hye Summers as she barrelled into Percy from the hallway to the right.

“Morning” Indira Marshall mummered.

“There you are. Have you two seen Yokitori?” Aislin asked as Percy struggled to her feet.

“Not since yesterday, I was hoping he was with you two.” Indira Marshall said.

“Nevermind then. We’ll wait for him at the gargoyle in case he shows up.” said Percy.

Percy began to see the gargoyle loom in front of them as they got closer to Mcgonagall’s office. She remembered Lucy Goodwin from the 5th year say that the passwords to the office used to be names of sweets that Albus Dumbledore fancied. Lucy was ridiculous of course. Albus Dumbledore was one of the greatest wizards of all time and most certainly had better passwords than 'Sherbet Lemon.'

“Girls! Classes are about to start, what are you doing on this side of the castle? Miss Lestrange, I believe the third year Ravenclaws have Herbology with me in the next hour. Hurry along now.” Professor Longbottom said as he emerged from the headmistress’s office.

“Professor! We have to see the headmistress. It’s incredibly urgent. Please sir.” Percy begged.

“I was just about to see her myself but I’m afraid Professor Mcgonagall had to report to the Ministry of Magic for an urgent matter regarding the hippogriff that was recently set loose on the school’s perimeter. The parents have gone completely mental because of it. She won’t be back for a fortnight girls. I’m sorry.”

“TWO WEEKS?” Aislin Benett exclaimed.

“Yes Miss Benett. I do believe that is what a fortnight means.”

“Oh but sir you see, Indira is in... OW!” Percy hopped away from Indira’s foot in pain.

“It’s nothing Professor. We’ll get back to our classes now.” Indira said.


“WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT FOR?” Percy shouted. “You’re in danger and you know it. 
Professor Longbottom would have helped.” yelled Percy.

“You can’t just go around telling people I’m a werewolf, Professor or not. It’s not something to be proud of Percy. Everyone who’s ever known about my secret is either scared of me or hates my guts. I’ve lost so much because of it already. But I suppose you don’t know a thing about loss besides not having your favourite flavour of bloody cake in the breakfast hall every day do you?” Indira spat.

Percy flinched. Her mother flashed before her eyes. Her beautiful, kind, completely insane mother. Loss? Indira knew nothing.

“Stop it, both of you. Mcgonagall can’t help now. Indira, I still think we should tell someone else about your situation but if you think it’s not for the best, that’s completely fine.” Min Hye said gently.

“I guess we’re on our own then. The full moon is in nine days. We don’t have a lot of time. I say we get to the root of the problem and confront them. The Muggle-borns.” said Aislin.

Indira shook her head. “Not the muggle-borns. First, we talk to Emily.”


Percy was hoping that this whole werewolf fiasco would at least let her skip Herbology, but Indira and Aislin wouldn’t hear of it. They would meet during break to talk to Emily, five whole classes from now. 

“Honestly, that mandrake would have survived today if I was allowed to skip,” muttered Percy.

Throughout the day, Percy wondered where the skinny Japanese kid had gone off to. She hadn’t seen him between classes or even now as she trudged to the library where they agreed to meet Emily.

 Percy shook the thought from her head. He probably was scared of pursuing the matter. She wouldn’t get mixed up in the situation either if she knew any better. Problem is, she didn’t.


“What’s going on? Indira?” Emily stuttered as she fiddled with what looked to Percy like a piece of wire.

Percy was surprised that this Emily girl seemed every bit as scared as she was in the Astronomy tower. She didn’t seem like the ruin-your-best-friend’s-life type.

“We want to know what  they’re planning, the Muggle-borns. Specifically what they plan to do on the next full moon, nine days from now. Sound familiar, Emily?” Indira said between gritted teeth.

Percy winced. There it was.

Emily paled.

“I wouldn’t deny it if I were you. We heard everything at the Astronomy tower.” “Emily,” Aislin said gently. “You know this isn’t right. Tell us what’s going on and we’ll help you figure it out.”

Indira glared at her.

Emily took a deep breath and began. 

“It started last term when Alexander Fleamont called Alison Lawson a mudblood. He laughed at her painted nails and said they marked her for the abomination that she was. Ashley was furious, but Alison told her not to worry about it. It didn’t stop there though. He influenced all her friends that she was dirty, that she didn’t belong in the wizarding world. He said mudbloods are mudbloods after all. Her friends started isolating her for real. Soon, it got worse. Her books were soaked in ink, her robes were torn to shreds. They even snapped her wand, saying she didn’t deserve to own such a thing. Alison tried to take it in stride, she was always the happy sort. She rewrote her notes, bought new robes and a new wand. But, when they snapped her owl’s neck in front of her and made her watch, that’s when she lost it."

Everyone had heard about Alexander Fleamont and his cruel tendencies. But Percy had no idea how bad they had become. Suddenly something clicked.

“The Hufflepuff girl who snuck the muggle drugs on the train at the beginning of the term. That was...?” Percy gasped.

Emily nodded.

“Alison Lawson, Ashley’s younger sister. They say that before he was sent packing, she looked at him in the eye and said 'Mudbloods are Mudbloods after all'."

“Blimey,” Aislin breathed.

“What happened to Alison made the muggle-borns furious. They formed an organisation of sorts. I don’t know how, but they found out you were a werewolf, Indira. I swear I didn’t tell them. It wasn’t me!” Emily said, starting to cry a little now.

“What’s done is done. I guess they hit the jackpot in terms of Slytherin targets.” Indira grimaced.

“So what to they plan to do? Take more pictures? Hand them out around the school?” Percy asked.

“I wish that was all.”

“Yokitori! Where have you been?” Min Hye exclaimed, thumping him on the back.

Several students glared at her behind their textbooks. 

"Sorry," Min Hye whispered guiltily. 

“Lawson took me. She tied me up and left me in the broom cupboard until ‘further notice’ but left the door unlocked. Baka. ** ” Yokitori said as he rubbed the bruises on his wrists.

**japanese for stupid

“What on earth did she want with you?” Aislin asked.

“Dumbledore knows. When I got myself out I figured I should do a little investigating since I was late to classes anyway. I ran into her talking with Ben Hammon near the astronomy tower. I know what they’re up to.” 


What do the Muggle-borns plan to do on the full moon? Does Yokitori really know what they're up to? Will the group be able to stop it? Vineeth will be writing next! :D


  1. Oh wow, another great chapter! Everything is starting to come together, eek. The part about the password being sherbet lemon was hilarious as well. Argh no, I don't know what I'm going to do when this finishes! (Though Vineeth doesn't seem to have posted since September? I'm not sure.)

    1. Thanks so much Eve! :D I know, I can't wait to read what Vineeth comes up with next! Kaycee K too. Exactly, I noticed that as well. But I'm sure she'll jump in to write her chapter :)

  2. Asshhhh this is INSANE! I honestly feel bad for the bloggers who haven't written yet because it's going to be difficult to tie all the loose ends together, haha! The Lawson sisters sure stirred up a lot of trouble, and Percy makes me want to eat cake! Great job Ash :D
    I will e-mail Vineeth and give a heads up, I think college is really busy at the moment xD

    Joan @ Fiddler Blue

    1. REALLY? THANK YOU! :D I know right I wonder how Vineeth and Kaycee K will end it but I'm so excited to see what they come up with! Definitely, she must be super busy. I'm sure she'll write her chapter anyway and it'll definitely be amazing :D

  3. DUM DUM DUUUUM! I love your chapter so much :D Neville's sass and how Percy doesn't believe that someone like Dumbledore would choose sherbet lemon as a password haha. And just so much is going oooon. How is this going to end?!

  4. I just learned about this series of posts and had to go around to all the chapters! I love this one. I especially thought it was hilarious when Percy thought that Dumbledore wouldn't have had sweets as passwords. I can't wait to find out how it ends!


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