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Story Mash-Up // Where I'm very excited

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The wizarding world has been quiet since the day Harry Potter defeated the evil wizard named Voldemort. For seventeen years, the magical community continues to live in harmony and secrecy among the Muggles. The students, fresh from their summer vacations, are returning to school with nothing but excitement for the coming year in their minds. Truly, nothing could shake this era of peace ever again...or so they believe.

I am trying my level best not to hyperventilate. 
GUYS! This is so exciting. 
The lovely Joan @Fiddler Blue with the help of Trisha @Bookgasm and Michelle @The Writing Hufflepuff came up with amazing idea of writing a collaborative story with several bloggers. In this case, a story set 17 years after The Battle of Hogwarts, at the start of the new school year.

Six bloggers, including myself signed up for this adventure. Each blogger has been assigned to write 500 words of the story per week, and an epilogue at the end of the entire story. So, six bloggers, six weeks. Plus an epilogue each. We all created our characters and will write from the POV of that specific character. Needless to say, I was ridiculously excited to read about everyone's characters (who are all so diverse with SUCH UNIQUE PERSONALITIES GAH) and create my own which was heaps of fun. I believe my entire household needs a break from my constant yammering about this project. 


So guys... let me introduce you to Persephone Rae Lestrange, or Percy for short.

Credits to the lovely Joan for creating this ID for me! *hugs you*

Basic Info

Name: Persephone Rae Lestrange (Percy Rae)
Age: 13
Blood status: Half-blood
Occupation: Student
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Year level: 3rd year

Extra classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination and Muggle Studies
Wand: Walnut, 10 1/2 inches, dragon heartstring
Pets: A barn owl with a white face and light brown feathers named Ophelia

Appearance: (Refer to ID)
Persephone takes after her mother’s appearance with fair skin, black wavy waist length hair, and light brown eyes. She’s not very tall, about 5’2 and is slim. She wears her hair down most of the time. She is constantly wearing a silver ring that looks like entwined branches on the second finger of her right hand which belonged to her mother. Persephone has a habit of twirling the ring around her finger particularly when she is nervous or thinking.


Persephone’s mother was a beautiful muggle named Raela Warren who’s a distant relative of Moaning Myrtle’s. Her father Gabriel Lestrange, is a horrible person who descended from the Lestrange family. He was drawn in by Raela’s astounding beauty and intelligence and eventually married her. She was fascinated with the world of witchcraft and wizardry so Lestrange thought her everything he knew about his world. For a while, the two were happily in love. But, Gabriel was disowned by his family only a year after marrying Raela, a ‘mudblood’ in their eyes. As the years went by, Gabriel got more and more bitter as he couldn’t accept his family’s abandonment. He begged and pleaded and even offered to end the marriage but the Lestranges refused to accept him. He blamed Raela for it and took his rage out on her, frequently abusing her behind closed doors. Persephone learned the hard way not to save her mother during these nights, as her first and final attempt at it led to her father breaking both her wrists. So she stopped, spending these nights curled up under her bed with the pillow over her head to drown out her mother’s screams. Finally one night, Raela turned mad from grief and abuse.  Raela Warren has been in a mental institute ever since. The beautiful woman was reduced to a hunched, muttering patient with wide, deranged eyes and an irrational fear for daylight. When talking about his insane wife to friends, Gabriel treats it like a joke and often says that ‘She was crazy to begin with anyway.’ Persephone hates her father because of this, but is forced to live under his roof. She visited her mother on the rare occasions that her father allowed it, but her hope that her mother would get better someday eventually dimmed into nothingness. On her eleventh birthday, she received a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her father hoped for her to get into Slytherin, like so many Lestranges before her. But Persephone was overjoyed when she was sorted into Ravenclaw.
The past two years at Hogwarts have been blissfully pleasant. Persephone excelled at her classes, made friends, and avoided home as much as she could. Her friends have yet to know the real story behind her hatred for her father, and remain in the dark about her mother’s insanity.


Reading, talking to Ophelia, chatting with her friends, and eating cake (obviously)

1. Dark nursery rhymes (her favourite by far is Oranges and Lemons, particularly the last line that goes: 'Here comes a candle to light you to bed, and here comes a chopper to chop of your head.')
2. Tea (which she drinks copious amounts of whenever possible)
3. Cake (she is very keen on cake and often sneaks large amounts of it from mealtimes at The Grand Hall to the common room.)

1.    The Dark (since her mother lost her sanity, her room in the mental institute is constantly pitch dark. Any form of brightness drives her mother into a frenzy and so absolutely no light is let into the room. Persephone is terrified of the dark as it’s a cold reminder of asylums and her mother’s insanity)
2.    Main courses at mealtimes (she prefers to skip straight to dessert)
3.    Her last name, Lestrange, which is a bitter reminder of her father.

Persephone is extremely intelligent, but shy about her vast knowledge. She’s kind-hearted and sweet, like her mother used to be. Although she’s quite shy when meeting new people, she warms up quickly and is a great and loyal friend to all that call her so. She’s witty and hilarious, but only among her friends at Hogwarts. Her talents include eating lots of cake, reading (yes that’s a talent shhhh) and excelling particularly at potions and transfiguration.

Persephone is deathly afraid of the dark. She’s a guarded person, particularly on information about her parents and family. She closes in on herself when around her parents, and becomes a quiet girl with a fair few words to share. There are not too many things Persephone is not good at, but Herbology seems to have an acute dislike for her. She has killed and severely maimed almost all the magical plants she has practiced on. I guess you could say she kind of sucks at it. Also, she’s awful (almost laughably so) at Wizard’s Chess.

Favourite subjects: Potions and Transfiguration
Least favourite subjects: Divination and Herbology

Quiddich player?: No

The Little Things (extra information)

Persephone has two very different personalities, one for her parents and one for Hogwarts. Needless to say, in front of her parents, Persephone is closed, scared, quiet, and constantly seething. She says next to nothing especially to her father and hardly cracks a smile. At Hogwarts however, she is completely herself, showing all the wonderful traits you read up there.
Although guarded and secretive about her parents, Persephone is not a recluse.

Thank you so much to Joan for hosting this amazing collaborative! You can read about everyone else's wonderful, WONDERFUL characters on their blogs:

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Posting Schedule

December 6 - Intro post (ALL)
December 13 - Eve @ Twist in the Taile
December 20 - Joan @ Fiddler Blue
December 27 - Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff
January 3 - Trisha @ The Bookgasm Blog
January 10 - Ash @ Teabears & Co
January 17 - Vineeth @ The Lousy Design
January 24 - Character epilogues (ALL)


  • Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and everything related to Harry Potter are owned by J.K. Rowling
  • Character image found on Pixabay
  • Hogwarts ID cards base design: AnimeJunkie106 @ DeviantArt


  1. I LOVE this picture of Percy, she looks so kick-ass! :D oh, and Ravenclaws unite! I agree with you when you said the characters are so diverse and different. I'm ready for this show to get started!

    1. Thank you so much! I LOVE THIS PICTURE TOO! When I saw it on Pixabay I was like: that's it! that's got to be her! Yes, I'm so excited that everyone came up with such unique characters! RAVENCLAWS UNITE! xx

  2. Oh wow Percy is such an interesting and complex character! I can't wait to read more about her :) Since she loves cake so much she'll get along well with my character, who loves to bake haha. Also your post made me realise I forgot to name my character's owl oops

    1. AHHH hello! Thank you so much! Gosh I love Min Hye so much *inserts a million hearts here* She's so adorable and sweet. I can't wait to read about her character!


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